Guinness Storehouse visit in Dublin

© Ian Stannard

The Guinness Storehouse received over 1 million visitors last year making it Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction so the students Linguaenglish Dublin were very excited to visit it. We all know that Irish people love Guinness and this was a great chance to find out more about the drink.

On the way to the storehouse the first thing that most people notice is a distinctive smell in the air. This is the smell of hops (a flower used in Guinness production) burning and it’s a smell that reminds Dubliners of home!

The tour inside the storehouse is an experience that combines the old and the modern. The first thing you see is the different ingredients that are needed in order to produce Guinness. As visitors climb the different levels of the storehouse they learn more about the story of the drink. One level is dedicated to something Guinness always makes a big impression with – it’s advertising. Advertisements from the past and the present are displayed in a gallery.  There is also a section which shows some of the many famous people who have visited the storehouse over the years including Queen Elizabeth II and Barack Obama and his family.


The highlight for many visitors is the gravity bar which provides stunning views of Dublin city. In this bar visitors can enjoy a pint of Guinness in a bar that has 360° panoramic view of Dublin. Croke Park is visible to the north, the Irish Sea can be seen to the east, on the south there’s the Dublin Mountains and to the west is the Phoenix Park. It was the perfect way to finish the tour.



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