Hiking in the marvellous nature of Glendalough in Ireland

© Rob Hurson

This next trip is going to be a little different! Maybe some of you have already been to Glendalough, famed for its peacefulness and idyllic views.

But have you ever had the time to hike around the largest lake from which the site of this of monastic city derives its name? (Glendalough translates from Irish as the valley of two lakes, Lough is a lake – like Lough Ness – while Glen is a valley, so you guess what da means!)

Our school in Dublin is going to lead our more active students around the upper lake to take in the best views of the area. It’s about a ten kilometer hike and after a short climb at the beginning it is pretty easy going. The hike is fun and you can explore the wonderful nature of Ireland, so stretch your legs and get some fresh air.

If that sounds like too much work for you, you can simply stay and the bottom of the hills and wander around the lakes and old monastic ruins. Either way it promises to be an enjoyable day out!

If you want a taste of what it looks like to hike in Ireland, here’s a nice video showing part of the trek!


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