Our English school in York, England


Linguaenglish in York is a English language school that excels in teaching General and Business English for all levels of ability, and in preparing students for the IELTS exam.

Our school in York recognizes the individuality of every student and we have developed courses to suit a range of requirements. We test the language level of all students prior to the start of their course. You will be placed in a class with other students of a similar language level.

A good knowledge of English is essential today. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, or want to study in an English-speaking university, you need to be able to communicate effectively in English. We have a range of general, academic and business English courses to meet your requirements and to give you a confident command of English – both spoken and written.

We know that learning English does not just happen in the classroom. Therefore, we offer an exclusive social programme that includes day trips to different English cities, coasts and countrysides and a range of fun evening activities like cinema, bowling, salsa, football, theater, music nights and many more.

The majority of our students are young adults, although we do accept students aged 16+ with parental consent. There are usually between six and eight students in a class as our courses are mainly focused on interaction.



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