Our English school in London

Our English school in London

As the lively capital city of the UK, London is one of our most popular locations in which to learn English. London is the place where the historic past and the vibrant present come alive. A merge of history, innovative architecture and culture has created a wonderful and constantly growing city. Its population is cosmopolitan, represented by a wide range of peoples, cultures and religions.

Linguaenglish London is a family-run English language school and has been teaching English courses in London for over 10 years. Our team of high qualified teachers is very enthusiastic and, together with our administration staff, we will provide a comfortable and inspiring environment where you receive a high standard of courses and services. After class students can study in the Study Lounge or relax with free tea and coffee and practice their English. We also have a roof terrace where students hang out with their fellow colleagues.


At our school in London we treat every student as an individual, and we are committed to helping you:

  • develop your ability to speak and understand practical, realistic English
  • build your confidence in using English through controlled communication activities in the classroom
  • extend your grammatical knowledge
  • improve your ability to read and write English more effectively
  • increase your vocabulary
  • help your pronunciation, intonation and range of expressiveness in English
  • develop your ability to become a more independent learner of English by using the self-study facilities in our study lounge.
  • by providing a practical, reliable and quality service
  • by listening  to and valuing your feedback by responding to it and improving our school whenever we can.

Our aim is to deliver quality lessons and maintain consistently high standards – we want to give you a real sense of progress and to ensure that the courses represent value for money.

We will test your level both with a pre-arrival test and an interview on arrival to choose the most suitable class for you. When it is time to change your level I will test your level outside class time and give you the results the next day.

Linguaenglish classes do not follow an individual course book. Instead, teachers follow a detailed and comprehensive syllabus, and select the best and most appropriate materials for your class. We often ask our students to tell us what they want to learn, and what they think about their classes.  We try to meet these needs and interests to ensure that personal learning objectives are met.

You will also receive copies of study materials to take home and review. We will help you to develop good study skills, which include guidance on how to organize your worksheets and keep vocabulary books, and we will monitor your progress via regular in-class testing, and counselling whenever you need it.



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