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english courses in totnes

English courses in Totnes run from Monday to Friday, in various levels all year round. You can book a course for a length of 1 to 52 weeks and you can start your English course on any Monday of the year (except for holidays). We ask for an indication of your level on the online enrolment form. If you’re not sure, don’t worry, before the start of the course you will take a level test to determine your exact level of English.

Groups are formed by level of English. So you will be placed in a group with students who share your level of language proficiency. The groups consist of students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, we believe this produces a more interesting and educational environment.

You will develop your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and practice all language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Classes are designed to improve accuracy and fluency.

We offer the following English courses in Totnes:

 >  15 lessons General English per week in a group
 >  21 lessons Intensive English per week in a group
 >  15 lessons General English + 10 lessons exam preparation in a group
Class duration: 60 minutes
Class duration individual: 60 minutes
Minimum age: 18 years
Group size: 8 to 10 students (maximum 12)
Holidays: Holidays
English group courses
Classes are in the morning or in the afternoon, this varies during the week. The General English 20 course consists of 4 lessons daily. If you prefer a more intensive English course, in Totnes we offer the Intensive 30 (6 lessons daily).

In between classes you’ll have a short break for some coffee or refreshments. English classes in Totnes are run in small groups. Because of the small groups, the teacher can give individual support and classes are intensive. Besides the English language, the English culture is an integral part of classes.

Exam preparation courses
The English speaking world has many different ways to determine your level of English. The most common exams for non-native speakers in British English are the IELTS exam and the Cambridge exam. If you need an official document proving your level of English, for instance to enter an English University, English speaking course in your home country, a job in an English speaking company or for immigration purposes, you might want to consider a course preparing you to one of these exams.

The exam preparation course in Totnes is a combination of the General English 20 + 10 lessons per week (2 daily) specialised exam preparation in a small group. At the time of your booking you should choose if you want us to reserve the preparation course for the IELTS or the Cambridge exam by leaving a message on the enrolment form. Before you do so, please contact us to verify the exam dates and course start dates for the exam preparation courses in Totnes.

The IELTS is an increasingly popular exam preparation course taken by students who plan to study at university in the UK, either for a first degree or a Master's. So improve your IELTS score and get that place at university with our IELTS course. Focus on your weaknesses and study essential exam preparation techniques with experienced IELTS teachers using tried and tested materials. Regular practice exams and weekly one-to-one tutorials with your teacher will help you monitor your progress.  Go to the IELTS website to check the official exam dates and more information about the exam itself. The exam fee and reservation is not included in the price.

The University of Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) and the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) are recognised by employers around the world. Unlike IELTS, the FCE and CAE exam course will help to improve your English for real-life situations. This exam preparation course prepares students for these Cambridge exams which are among the most widely recognised English language examinations in the world. Go to the Cambridge exam website to check the official FCE and CAE exam dates and more information about the exam itself. The exam fee and reservation is not included in the price.

Individual English courses
The content of the individual classes are fully customized and will be adapted to your personal motivation to learn English. So if you are either looking for an English course for executives, already have a higher level and you’re struggling with some specific grammar issues or if you want to fully emphasize your English classes on a subject to your choice, we would definitely recommend you to take the individual English course.

Before the start of the course your English level will be determined and you will discuss the content of the private classes and the course timetable. During the course changes can easily be made in accordance with your private teacher.

We can be very flexible with the individual classes in Totnes. Just contact us for a price quote on the quantity of private classes you require.


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