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learn english in toronto

2,5 million
Toronto's climate is moderate for Canada owing to its southerly location within the country. Temperatures in spring and summer range from 15 C (60F) to 25C (80F). During winter months, the average daytime temperature, with the exception of January, the coldest month, hovers just slightly below freezing and a snowfall of more than 10 cm (four inches) is unusual. Spring and autumn are transitional seasons with generally mild or cool temperatures with alternating dry and wet periods.
Owing largely to the country's liberal immigration policies starting in the 1960s, and the region's strong economy, Toronto has, in recent decades, been transformed into one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world. More than 80 ethnic communities are represented, and over half of the city's residents were born outside Canada.

This makes the city a culturally interesting place with a creative vibe. Not only to be found in music, arts, and literature, but also in its kitchens. You will find many different bars and restaurants serving food and drinks originating from all parts of the world.

To see
  • St. Lawrence Market & Hall
  • CN tower, no doubt the best view over the city
  • University of Toronto, St. George Campus
  • Wander around the different neighbourhoods Chinatown, little Italy, etc.
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Visit Niagara falls in a day trip
To do
  • Visit on of the many festivals, such as the Toronto International Film Festival
  • Check out the Harbour front and the cultural centre
  • Go see a Toronto Blue Jays (baseball) or Toronto Maple Leafs (ice hockey) match

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