24 ways you know you’ve become culturally English

24 ways you know you’ve become culturally English

© Kamyar Adl

1. You replace your coffee machine with a kettle for tea, and you’re sorted.

2. Whether it’s healthy or not, drinking tea with milk becomes natural.

3. You start having serious discussions on the way to make “proper tea” (Tea first, than milk – Never ever milk before tea)

4. You have an opinion about which biscuits are best for dunking in your tea.

5. You start calling everyone by their first name; your boss, your banker, your doctor…

6. Apologizing replaces complaining; even when people bump into you on the street.

7. Weekends turn into pub crawls and are dominated by football.

8. After work = pub time

9. The sun comes out for 5 minutes and you drop everything to phone your friends and organise a BBQ.

10. You bet on dog and horse racing.

11. You wear flip flops and shorts on sunny days, even when temperature are less than 15 degrees.

12. Talking about the weather turns into a daily habit.

13. You never make eye contact with anyone on public transport.

14. You order your next pint before you finish your first – you must NEVER EVER EVER have an empty glass.

15. You’d rather spend Christmas in England than in your home country — they have crackers!

16. Alcohol oils the wheels of your social life – from a traditional wedding to the conviviality of a night out at the local pub or after a day at work.

17. Dinner must be eaten between 17h30 and 18h30 (at the latest!), otherwise you miss pub time.

18. You are great at queuing; even in front of the fridge at the supermarket.

19. Packing an umbrella is a must – just in case the weather turns.

20. You drink your first beer of the holiday at the airport, whatever the time it is.

21. Putting chips or potato crisps in a sandwich are common side dishes.

22. You start losing sensitivity for cold, especially on a Friday or Saturday out

23. You get used to drink your beer warm, especially Ale.

24. Even if your hairdressers shaved off all of your hair, you still say “thank you – it looks fine” in order to be polite.




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