Our English school in Toronto

Our English school in Toronto

Everything at our school at Linguaenglish Toronto is geared to making your experience not only educational but also enjoyable. Though we enjoy our social activities and life in Toronto, education is our number one priority.  

Students have access to an interactive computer lab with free high speed Internet access and a variety of self-study materials. We provide students with free access to our movie and book libraries, and we showcase the most popular movies in weekly ‘Movie Afternoons’. At our school students can relax in our student lounge, with a complete kitchen and snack bar. A wide variety of restaurants, cafés, and shops, with easy access to rapid transit are just outside our doors. If you want to learn English in Toronto, Canada – our city is waiting to be discovered and your adventure can begin here.


At Linguaenglish Toronto, we make our students our number one priority. As part of our commitment to providing excellence, we offer programs with a maximum class size of 12 students to ensure the best learning experience possible. We believe that confident students are successful students and we place a great emphasis on learning in a comfortable atmosphere that encourages all students to participate. We regularly ask for student feedback to make our programs more as effective as possible. Our programs have been carefully developed to help our students define their English goals and to reach those goals, with courses focusing on the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We have chosen the most current, cultural and relevant learning materials to complement them.

Our goal is, put simply, to create an optimal learning environment. Whether it is live or on-line, we see our primary goal as offering students the best possible means of attaining their linguistic and educational objectives. Creating such an environment requires great attention, and includes the use of first-rate materials, programs and curricula, constant teacher development and workshops, regular activities for students and a welcoming yet challenging atmosphere.

At our school we actively enforce a nationality policy so that no nationality exceeds 20%.  So, at no times will our student body be more than 20% from one country and you will find it very easy to meet people from all over the world with whom you can speak English and become life-long friends.


Founded in 2006, our school is a young, vibrant, and growing language center located in Uptown Toronto. With a focus on quality and student satisfaction, our school in Toronto remained a small but very well regarded language centre. Under new management since 2011, we have expanded, adding extra classes, additional programs, and new partnerships. In fact, our student body has almost trebled in the past two years, a result of our proven programs and respected teaching methodologies.


We take very seriously our mission to bring out the best in our students so that they can achieve what they set out for. Our track record, we believe, demonstrates that we have been successful in attaining our goals and promoting our core values.


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