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English school in toronto
Welcome to linguaenglish!

Learn English in Canada at our quality language school in Toronto.

Linguaenglish stands for quality language schools with a familiar atmosphere and a close personal contact between students, teachers and employees of the school.
You always follow a language course in a small group with students of the same level as you. This way, teachers can give classes which exactly match your level as well as the groupís.

Linguaenglish always tries to find an optimal balance between price and quality. Therefore a lot of the time we are more economical than our competition and we still offer high quality courses. Linguaenglish language courses are for everybody; young, old, student, professional, retired. The average age is between 18 and 35.

Our schools are always located in the city centre and intentionally not too big but medium-sized. There is a familiar atmosphere, so you can easily get in touch with fellow students and employees of the language school will take their time to help you out with anything.

So why linguaenglish?

  • small to medium schools with a familiar atmosphere and personal attention
  • we guarantee high quality courses and accommodation for decent prices
  • all our teachers are native English speakers and qualified to teach English as a foreign language
  • we always offer a social programme

For more information, please request our free brochure or contact us. We will be pleased to help you in finding the best English language course.

With kind regards,


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